Our Philosophy

Custom Craftsmanship to Last a Lifetime

Carl Baker centered the company’s home building philosophy on the basic principle to 'craft homes for his clients of the same enduring quality he would build for his own family'. Over 25 years later, this same principle guides the construction of every Sterling home and remodeling project. Thoughtful design, quality materials, and superior workmanship are the hallmarks of every Sterling home. As a top Louisville builder, we never build the same home twice and we never cut corners. We pride ourselves in creating unique, functional, and beautiful designs that fit your lifestyle and will last a lifetime. To ensure your new home or remodel project receives the level of attention it deserves, we only take on a limited number of clients at any one time. We make our clients goals our own and ensure they are executed with integrity.

Energy Efficient

Sterling homes are always eco-friendly and meet or exceed Energy Star ratings to give you an energy efficient home. No matter your price point, we ensure proper installation of the products and finishes you choose, extending the life of your home and lowering your maintenance costs.

Quality at Every Price Point

Achieving superior quality at every price point is a vital aspect of our approach to home building. It is our job to bring your dreams to fruition no matter how small or large the project and we approach every job with the same attention to detail regardless of price. By recommending products based on their quality and performance, we ensure you have access to a broad range of best-in-class options for your home building project. Prices for a Sterling Development Group home start at $250,000 and have exceeded $3 million.

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