Trim, Ventilation and Fitting: Framing Essentials

There are many components that play a role in successfully framing your home. Paying attention to these elements now will greatly impact the quality of your home’s construction.

Cornice is the “trim” around the house at the roof edge. There should be a 2x backer board behind any finish material you choose to use to ensure a straight, flat surface and a good nailing surface for the future gutters. Where possible use of products designed to resist weather is preferable, as long term maintenance is something everyone should keep in mind. All roofs must be properly ventilated. Soffit vents in addition to roof vents need to be cut-in during construction. Ridge vents and power vents are another form of ventilation preferred by some. Any method that properly vents the attic at all times is probably OK.

In all cases good framing requires good straight cuts so materials fit tightly together. If the framing members do not fit tightly, they can move and possibly cause structural problems. Bad rafter cuts are a common problem area and the poor application of joist hangers or the omission of them altogether. You can view the proper use and installation of joist hangers by going to…

In summary, all components of the framing of a home are dependent on each other to create a stable, strong framework to build your home around. If the proper material sizes and applications are not follows you will have problems with your home at some point whether it’s immediate or years down the road. People often excuse poor framing by saying their home has settled. This is a misconception. Homes do not settle. The wood that was used to frame it will stabilize at a given moisture content which will cause some materials to move slightly, causing some minor cracks, etc. but they do not settle. Nail pops are the most common indication of material drying causing slight movements. Once this occurs, it should not re-occur under normal circumstances.

You’re almost done! Now that your home is fully framed, it is ready to have the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, technology (audio/visual/computer) and security roughed in.