The Final Rough-ins: Electrical and Tech Rough-ins

The final steps for completing your construction project are performing the electrical and technology rough-ins. Here’s a brief overview of these final steps.

Electrical rough-in – the electrical rough normally follows the HVAC rough. They do this as they can work around the plumbing and HVAC duct work. The thing to be aware of in the electrical rough-in is the neatness of the work. Be sure holes are drilled in the center of joists and studs and all wires are neatly run in the center and fastened properly. Prior to the rough-in, you should have created a “lighting” plan, showing where you want lights and any special outlets. Most outlets will be placed according to code. If you plan to have more than “code” it is wise to have this design done during the planning stage and priced into your budget. If you wait until the home is wired you may subject yourself to large additional costs. The lighting plan will also help you with budgeting for light fixtures.

Technology/audio/visual/security rough-ins – This phase is almost always done as the last of the rough-ins, as they likely will want to avoid the electrical wires, due to inference. The rough-in will be per the plan you would have made and agreed to during the planning stage. Trying to do it solely on site at time of rough-in only leads to misunderstanding and higher costs.

Once these final steps have been completed, you’re ready to go!